Ribbit, Ribbit and Cheep!

This week has been eventful in Year 2.  We have finally finished sewing the bean bag frogs which we designed and made as part of last term’s topic.  The children loved every minute and are so incredibly proud of the bean bag toys they have been able to produce.  Mrs Hall enjoyed it slightly less and has only just unwound herself from the tangle of string Year 2 left her in.  Even though she may have one or two more grey hairs from threading 23 needles again and again, she is just as proud of the fabulous work Year 2 have produced.

I was lucky enough to miss most of the needle threading action but imagine my surprise when I found these waiting for me after a long meeting.  I’m sure you will agrees that Year 2 have nailed it again – is there anything they can’t do?


And finally, not content with frogs, we also visited Reception to look at the new baby chicks which we were watching hatch online.  Everyone was super sensible and got to have a little hold.



Shiver Me Timbers

The Summer term has begun and we have started off in style.  On Monday, Year 2 came to school dressed as a motley crew of pirates.  I’m sure that you will agree they look a terrifying bunch!


We came into school to find the door had been turned into a swashbuckling pirate, there was a watermelon pirate ship and lots of themed pirate snacks for us to enjoy.  The pirate ship ended up looking great but Miss Rowe has certainly got some extra grey hairs from trying to keep it together on the drive to school.

We spent the morning designing our own pirates on the computers in the suite, painting our own treasure chests and reading lots of fabulous pirate stories to get us in the mood for the new topic.


Year 2 Explore Sunderland Winter Gardens!

Today was so exciting for us all and we arrived at school in high spirits ready for a day at Sunderland Winter Gardens.  Laden with our packed lunch bags (which many children couldn’t believe they had to carry themselves!) we hopped on our coach and arrived to a workshop with Marie – a lady who was going to tell us all about growing plants and seeds.  We surprised her with our topic knowledge, she couldn’t believe that we knew all about ‘germination’ and ‘seed dispersal’ and we acted out the life cycle of a plant.  Then she showed us a range of different seeds – some of them were tiny but some of them were huge and heavy.  She even told us that one of them looked like a bottom – see if you can spot it below.

Then we went out into the Winter Gardens to see if we could follow a rainforest trail, find answers to questions and to venture out onto the treetop walk.  It was so high that some of us were nervous but we braved it and got to look out over the top layer of the rainforest plants – the canopy.  While we were all exploring and learning new things, each group planted a pea seed which we got to bring back to school and we are going to be trying to look after them and encourage them to grow during Easter.  Marie told us that talking to plants helps them grow because we breathe out the carbon dioxide which they breathe in!

After all of that we were starving and Miss Rowe, Mrs Dover and Mrs Chastney deserved a latte, so we headed back for our packed lunches.  The fun continued when there were cheers of excitement for the tuna wraps Mrs Harland had made.  Re-energised, we set about exploring the rest of the museum.  From coal to textiles, wild animals to shipbuilding, plants to Egyptians….. we looked at it all.  Some of us dressed up, some of us found exciting artifacts in secret drawers, some of us researched and found the answers to all the ‘life the flap’ questions and some of us found 101 places to ask Miss Rowe to take our photo.

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After all of that you would think we would be tired, but Year 2 summoned up the energy to treat the bus driver to a personal performance of all our Easter songs on the way home.




Home Learning Heroes!

I just wanted to start this blog post with a huge “THANKYOU” to all of the parents and carers who support Year 2 with their home learning.  Every week I am amazed by the wonderful, high-quality, creative projects they come into school with.  I really do have a class of home learning heroes.

Here are our entries for the World Book Day ‘Design a book character peg’ competition.  I’m sure you will agree that they are fantastic!

Here are just a few photos of the excellent contributions Year 2 pupils have made to our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ learning journey.



I’m so proud!


I am so very proud to show you all the Head Teacher’s Award Year 2 were awarded today after our Whole School Celebration Assembly.  The fabulous effort of all the Year 2 boys and girls really impressed Mrs Johnson.  Now, Year 2 are a modest bunch so they might not mention it but I’m bursting with pride at how hard they try at everything, especially singing and they were so pleased with themselves so it’s only fair to share it with you all ……….. they don’t get it from me!

Jaipur Elephant Festival

When we were learning about the rainforests which are found around the equator, we looked at some of the rainforest areas in Asia and found out all about the Jaipur Elephant Festival.

Image result for jaipur elephant festival

After seeing the beautiful patterns on the elephants there, we designed and made some of our own using cotton buds and paint.  What do you think?

Can you tell what it is yet?

Our new topic for Spring 2 is now underway.  Since we loved learning about the Polar regions, we decided to look at another habitat and so we started our Rumble in the Jungle!

All credit to the the budding artists in Year 2 and Mrs Dover, who have created the most amazing rainforest in New Penshaw Academy.  The children worked very hard to make sure that they used their sketching skills to draw and shade the rainforest leaves and I think you will agree, they look like they were drawn by professionals!

We want to find out all about where the rainforests are in the world, what it is like to live in them and which animals have the jungle as their habitat………….wish us luck!